Keto Basics Course

What is the Keto Diet?

The ketogenic diet is a therapeutic diet that shifts the focus from a traditional high carb diet to a high fat diet. What makes the ketogenic diet different from other diets is that you are limiting the number of carbohydrates to only 20 - 40 grams a day while increasing your fat intake and meeting a protein goal. You can determine your specific numbers by using a ketogenic macro calculator.

Whilt the Keto Diet is exciting to people who are interested in weight loss, the benefits extend beyond what you can imagine. While research into the long term effects of the ketogenic diet is limited, the results are mind boggling and will question your beliefs in our current dietary practices.

This diet has not only shown to be effective in sustainable weight loss but has also shown favorable results in helping patients of chronic diseases to heal their bodies.

One thing we have learned about the ketogenic diet is that you become more in tune with your body as you progress through the fat adaption phase. Everybody has a different path in the ketogenic diet beyond the onboarding phase but we have found that the onboarding phase is the same for everyone.

The ketogneic diet is seen by many as a fad because many people attempt to begin the diet but do not know how to successfully start the diet. Many end up giving up and quitting.

If you are truly interested in starting the keto diet, then you will want to learn what it takes to get beyond the initial phase and what to do when you get beyond it. That's why we created this keto onboarding course.

What will you learn in this course?

The keto onboarding course is made up of a series of 10 short videos that will explain how to plan and successfully succeed with this lifestyle. In this course you will learn:

  1. More about the keto diet and what makes it different
  2. What's wrong with the keto diet?
  3. Who is the keto diet for?
  4. Getting into the right mindset
  5. Understanding glucose and insulin versus ketones
  6. Changing your relationship with food
  7. Coming to terms with your sugar addiction
  8. Making the switch with simple swaps
  9. Understanding the keto flu and how to avoid it
  10. What to do beyond the onboarding phase

If you are serious about your success with the ketogenic diet and you want to experience the same results that we and thousands of other have had, then register below to be notified when the course is ready to launch.

Keto Basic Course

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